“Halloran is a wonderful storyteller, and his gripping account of living among the apes alternates between thrills and chills, humor and tender moments..” ―Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“...the author's detailed descriptions of the chimps themselves...make this book unique. Because of Halloran's considerable skill at literary nonfiction, the chimps of his study are as fascinating as characters in a novel. Strongly recommended for general readers who enjoy Jane Goodall's chimpanzee books.” ―Library Journal (starred)

“... an engrossing account of communication development among these intelligent animals, presented with genuine affection for them as individuals...With its intriguing mix of personalities and examination of complex primate social relationships, this book will captivate and, most importantly, provide valuable insight into these kindred creatures.” ―Publishers Weekly

“Halloran has written a fascinating book that easily spans the gap between scientific research and popular reading tastes.” ―Booklist

“This is a fascinating book that provides us with a better understanding of chimpanzees and how they communicate.” ―Tucson Citizen